Gotta catch ’em all

One of the main traits of mundane satanists is that they are so ‘evil’. Or more precisely they pose to be so evil, while in reality they are just emotional cripples, unable to face the life without their ‘evil’ which is just their crutch they use to move around and to be at least semi-functional. They are evil mainly because they are afraid, but are incapable of admitting it. They are afraid of life it self, of being human, they are afraid of their weakness, afraid of pain and suffering they wish unto others, afraid of death while indulged in their morbid fetishes and fantasies, afraid of the dark they worship and praise so much.  Their evil is just a product of their psychopathology, their emotional immaturity and impurity of their character- it’s just their defence mechanism. Ranging from harmless teenagers going through their rebellious phase to really clinically insane, they are basically same deep inside. For them, all blasphemy, heresy, evil, crime, indulgent etc.,  becomes purpose for itself, becomes part of what is defining them as ‘satanists’, or maintaining that image they are merged with and can’t understand deeper or see further beyond it. They are confusing form for the essence.  I guess that mundane satanists can be divided into many categories and subcategories, but I hope that someone who is one of us is capable of recognizing this kind instantly, and that there’s no much need for describing any possible variation, for there are many.

Being mundane as they are, still they are making some ‘atmosphere’, going around all ‘satanic’ and ‘dark’, bearing their shield of evil, doing some ‘satanic’ (self)destructive shit, spreading their lunacy and inner suffering around in many ways. No matter some of us may write something like this and criticize their mundanity, in real life we should not reject them or openly despise them – we should use them, being perfect subjects for manipulation as they are. We should use them for our ‘practice of evil in context’, manipulate them into doing some dirty work for us, or spreading our influence, our ideas, our memes, providing us energy for our ceremonies, training them into being our pokemons. ^^ We usually don’t care that housekeeper dog is barking and growling on strangers because he is stupid and afraid, we use that dog exactly because he is so stupid and afraid enough to bark at strangers and alarm us. At that moment dog is not so worried about our safety as much as he’s worried about his own skin, but as I said, we don’t care about it, it’s important that he is doing his job. Some of them can be trained to be real killing machines, and we can use them for our defence, or for attack, but it doesn’t mean that dog is aware, even slightly, of our motives and intents – he is just following command because you are his master who is providing him with food, shelter and affection. Same goes for those mundane satanic pokemons  – why should you care if they are evil because of their psychopathologies, their lack of character or whatever deficiency, or because they are mundane ‘poseurs’. You should be their Satanic Master providing them with their Satanism and with the focus for their ‘evil’ , while, just like your dog, they are not, even slightly, aware of your motives and intentions. They are ready and more than happy to oblige as long as you are providing them with what they need. Still, having in mind their psychopathologies and lack of character, you really have to be master in manipulation, and you have to really know what you are doing in order to avoid any negative effects which may affect you, or which may disrupt your plans. This is why form of Satanic Temple is most suitable – it’s much easier to manipulate group of people than an individual. People in groups are more suggestible and stupid, and they are providing you with more energy while focusing their attention collectively on you, or on some abstraction, symbology, ’cause’  you are giving them to focus on, and you can use that energy to enhance your role of Satanic Master, to redirect such energy as a support for some personal or Aeonic goal, or to return it to them, but reshaped, reprogrammed in order to enhance the state they’re in, or to improve their ‘training’.

It depends from case to case – but it might be even easier task to infiltrate and manipulate already existing satanic or occult group than to form one. Not only that, as already mentioned, people are more stupid and easier to manipulate in groups, but also almost every leader of some occult group is fraudulent ego maniac, equally mundane, with the equal lack of understanding as the rest of the group, but much more charismatic and skillful in manipulation. Most of these leaders don’t even possess some genuine occult knowledge, or genuine occult powers, but they are maintaining the illusion that they do through classical brainwashing cult techniques, some knowledge of human psychology and mentalism, in some cases not even believing in reality of magick themselves, or they are simply deluded fools convinced in being a real deal, while the truth is often disgusting or sad story of mental illness. But of course, there are cases in which is hard to draw a line between these two kinds of (oc)cult leaders, that is, sometimes they are something between the two profiles described above. Anyhow most of these leaders are equally easy to manipulate or influence as the rest of their group, especially if you are able to employ some forces they can’t even perceive. At first, it is important to make them believe that you are retarded as the rest of their ‘flock’, that you hold them to be real Adepts and Masters. You must become one of their most prominent followers, getting very close to them, where, gradually they begin to trust you fully, and where you can more easily penetrate through their guru-mask right into the center of their mundanity, common human weaknesses they hide from the rest of the people, and become their trusted advisor on matters concerning their group/order, and their personal problems. From there it’s up to you to decide which way to go, that is, how to act according to the specific situation related to that specific guru/adept/master and their group. But, basically you can have two goals -1) to practice your skills of manipulation and gain insight from it, aiding your self-development,2) and/or to influence and change this group in accordance to some Aeonic perspective and fundamental principles of our sinister association. These two goals in most cases are intertwined, that is, you can use your infiltration to aid personal development and to aid ONA influence and strategy. This means you would have to be involved with some occult group/order for a long period of time during which you will continue, in secret, with your progress along the 7FW, while using this group to practice your shape-shifting, external magick etc., as well as to use it for aiding personal or impersonal goals. There are many ways of introducing some changes into these groups, but I don’t doubt that someone who is really of our kind will be able to figure this on their own. You must never forget who we are – that we are elite, that we are the only ones who can be real ‘Satanic Masters’, real Evil! And why is this? What is the reason because of which we can call ourselves, and claim to be elite? It’s because playing a role of ‘Satanic master’, being Evil, being leader of some group/order/temple, or manipulating one is not something what we perceive as our ultimate goal, something we perceive as the essence and purpose, or something which is food for our ego. On the contrary – these are just means to some greater goals, some more meaningful purpose, some deeper essence. While outwardly we may seem like arrogant bastards, or being same as the most of these fraudulent occult leaders, inwardly we are considered with weeding out our weaknesses, taming our egos, with that inner alchemy of change which requires extreme self-honesty, deep humbleness in light of knowing our true place and state at the given moment, in light of knowing the true essence of the Path and our real (personal and impersonal) goals. Having this in mind, there’s a really thin line between being one of ‘us’ and being one of ‘them’, for outer form usually means nothing simply by itself. We are the ones who are breathing life into these forms, giving them meaning, giving them purpose. Artist looking at the pig breasting her offspring may see Nature’s poetry, while the same sight for the butcher would probably represent just a pile of future ham, just as mindless homicide and culling can never be the same.

At this moment, while I’m writing, all of this is already reality. There are many initiates and associates of the ONA, I’m aware of, already infiltrated in many groups/orders all around the globe, of which some (groups/orders) are very well known or very influential on Western ‘occult scene’. We are taking over, step by step, bringing about something which will have a great impact on the future.


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