Sacrificial Fire


/…/We are not about to elaborate our reason, or give arguments for our premise that this civilisation is flawed, neither for our standards. Every associate should know this reason, anyone who feels to be a part of this nineangled phenomenon in any way should feel this reason. And that’s the other thing: Why should we, any longer, elaborate our position, our premises, our attitude, goals, methodology, or anything we share, as heritage in its original form, repeating things that have already been said clear enough, reposting, quoting, discussing it?.. You either accept idea and work on it, or you don’t. Our Prometheus came and gave us Fire – some took it and just watched it, disscussing its flame and warmth untill it just burned up, others adored it from distance, frightened, giving it to some loonies to handle it for them while they stay in admiration and dependency, some others fled frightened, or get burned to death, and very few had enlightened their darkness to become that Fire themselves. We should grow, in every way. We should overgrow some things and move on. We already have enough resources to communicate efficiently, if we must, need, or want  to,  but with purpouse to really contribute our ways, freed from those mundane symptoms, which will never allow us to TRANSFORM(!) and progress beyond the limits of our imposed or self-imposed labels, self-image conditioned by wide range of external influences, direct ones and ones that are not well processed (observed by Self), or that are repressed, therefore becoming malicious and self-destructive. There’s no point in waving our banners high, making noise about our involvement while we are trying to be ‘secretive’. False identity isn’t important. Don’t get attached to it. Be able to change it like you’re changing your clothes, but always be aware of Thy Self and of being, and of to be. Be aware of where are you heading to. Spirit is important and we recognize each other by it. Never stop building, and moving. Work transforms! Moving towards the goal will breed new expressions, not repeating the old ones, or mimicking – it leads to stagnation. These are sings that you are simply sucked into something./…/

There are enough tribes, nexions and individuals, we are aware of, building their Tradition, doing things, revealing their Wyrd in many corners of this Earth, in many different ways, enough for the future even if there’s no more any trace of ONA on the internet from now on. Those who are honestly considered with self-development and those who really possess ‘aeonic perspective’ are calm, and not upset about many stuff on the internet, they are considered with that what is invisible to most of the people – internal and aeonic.

We are not trying to impose our ideas on any associate or nexion, but we will promote values of anonymous contribution to the ONA. We will promote values of true devotion, unconditional giving to the ONA and to that something which is impersonal and bonding, not to the false self-image, value of detachement from imposed and self-imposed labels. This is sacrificial fire, and false ego is its fuel. This is storage of our selfless contribution of energy which is at disposal to anyone who might have use of it, and asks for nothing in return. But we are welcoming any associate who is able to give contribution in form of sharing their insights with others, to practice this selfless sacrifice and gain from it. Anyone interested, and anyone who understand this concept and our arguments can submit their posts at: All of these posts will be simply signed as ALEGION, and that’s the whole deal. Nothing more to it. Everything you gain from it depends only on your attitude towards that nameless, unbounded bonding Spirit and its many forms.


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